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Thermometer Hygrometer

Thermometer Hygrometer

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Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer. Hydroponics plant Grow Room/Tent Thermometer. Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer, and Indoor Hygrometer.

Has sensor probe for outdoor temperature.

Indoor temp: -10degC to 50degC (14 to 122degF).

Outdoor temp: -50degC to 70degC (-58 to 158degF),

Accuracy: +/- 1degC. Humidity: 20-99% +/- 5%.

Desk top and wall mount. 1.5v AAA Battery (not included)

LCD Screen: 50x70mm, Unit dim: 18.5* 13* 4cm

Model: KT-908, Manufacturer: Zhu International Trade

Manufacturer Warranty: 30 day return. Buyer pays shipping

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